Leading Technology

K&S Vending uses technology to provide our customers with next-generation food service experiences. Our entire business is run off of latest-generation, smart technology—from the point of purchase at our vending machines, to the pre-kitting and scheduling of our routes, remote monitoring of our foods and beverages, and back office operations.

Technology not only makes us more efficient at what we do, but it also enables us to achieve savings, which are passed along to our customers.

These are some of the ways we use technology to better serve you:

  • All of our vending machines utilize Smart Technology and remote monitoring, which allows us to tailor restocking and delivery times, avoiding inefficient set schedules that might lead to shortages or surplus inventory.
  • Point-of-Sale Scanning. Our Bistro to Go Markets all feature self-serve checkout kiosks which enable your employees to scan their purchases for ease of use and quick, convenient self-service.
  • Ensuring Freshness. On our refrigerated units, if any temperature change occurs, the system engages an automatic lock-out to prevent employees from accessing food that isn’t perfectly fresh. This system is not software-driven, so it is not vulnerable to hacking; you can be confident that even our equipment is making sure your options are 100% fresh.
  • Energy Efficient Vending Machines. Most of our machines are energy efficient, and feature the lowest cost to operate, and utilize the least energy—which translates into lower power bills for our customers.
  • Cashless Vending and Multiple Payment Options which include Apple Pay, Google Wallet, the USConnectMe card, the USConnectMe App, and cash, debit, and credit cards.
  • USConnectMe App, which offers a variety of benefits, including instant savings on a wide range of products through our ongoing monthly promotions.
Leading Technology

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